• Defend employees, company and brand image against cyber attacks and compromise
  • Protect intellectual property from theft and keep collaboration flowing freely
  • Stop a wide range of email-based targeted threats
  • Proofpoint Email Security and Protection
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection
  • Blocked up to 97% of email-based advanced threats
  • Gained visibility into most-attacked and most-phished people in organization
  • Obtained valuable data for proactively anticipating potential threats
  • Built user trust, making them valuable partners in threat mitigation

The Challenge

One of the primary goals of the Gaumont IT department is to provide its users with the tools they need for successful and secure collaboration. Email communication is vital to the teams, helping them exchange ideas, plans, scripts, creative concepts and other valuable intellectual property.

And like many other companies, Gaumont already faced a phishing attack.

“We realized that our existing protection was not adequate. We needed to quickly make some changes. We then began looking for stronger protection,” said Maxime Vidal Madjar, chief information officer for Gaumont.

““Attackers now target people instead of systems. Proofpoint gives us people-centric protection and reporting.””

Maxime Vidal Madjar, chief information officer, Gaumont

The Solution

Mr. Vidal Madjar contacted Proofpoint. “I was familiar with Proofpoint and knew that the products delivered excellent performance,” said Mr. Vidal Madjar. After consulting with a Microsoft partner of theirs, Proofpoint was selected. “We chose Proofpoint Email Security and Protection with Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) for strong defense. It was a great decision.”

Working with Proofpoint and the partner, the team implemented Proofpoint and began auditing email traffic threats. “Within a month, we deployed Proofpoint completely.”

The Results

“Attackers now target people instead of systems,” said Mr. Vidal Madjar.

“Proofpoint gives us people-centric protection and reporting.” “Proofpoint saves us a lot of time and resources,” said Mr. Vidal Madjar.

Gaumont considers Proofpoint a vital component of the company’s security strategy going forward. Real-time reports alert them to targeted threats and Proofpoint TAP stops malicious clicks and attachments. “We are experiencing many positive results,” said Mr. Vidal Madjar