Large Healthcare Provider Protects Patients and Partners With Proofpoint Email Security

The Challenge
  • Help secure interaction with patients and third parties
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Control costs
The Solution
  • Proofpoint Secure Email Relay
The Results
  • Helps keep healthcare infrastructure secure and compliant
  • Secures transactional email from internal applications and SaaS providers
  • Cost-effective solution helps company keep budgets in line

The Challenge

Keeping a Growing Healthcare Provider Secure

This large healthcare provider serves five states across the U.S. Like most healthcare providers, it relies on email for communications with physicians, patients, insurers and other vendors. These emails use Microsoft Exchange running on-premises, as well as a hosted email service from Epic. Keeping email correspondence secure is important for safe business operations—and the company’s reputation.

“We send a quarter million messages to patients and others each day,” said the director of IS service assurance at the large healthcare organization.

When the organization decided to move some of its email systems to a new platform, its security team realized that it would need a secure email relay solution to safeguard sensitive email data and protect its domain from security threats.

“Proofpoint Secure Email Relay offers all the features we need to keep our domains safe. It does everything we want it to do.”

Director of IS service assurance, large healthcare provider

The Solution

Protecting Transactional Emails and Ensuring Data Integrity

The healthcare team chose the Proofpoint Secure Email Relay, a hosted solution that brings together and secures transactional emails. It keeps compromised third-party senders from sending malicious email using the organization’s domains.

Proofpoint Secure Email Relay works with emails from internal applications such as Epic, and emails sent for them by a third-party SaaS partner. It applies security and compliance controls to increase the sending reputation and reduce the chance of their sending IPs being blocklisted.

The Results

Providing Peace of Mind for Patients, Physicians and Partners

With its Proofpoint Secure Email Relay installed and running well, the healthcare provider is proactively protecting its communications and brand, as well as its patients and business partners.

“Based on what we were able to find in the market, Proofpoint Secure Email Relay costs us less than alternative solutions,” said the director of IS service assurance. “It does exactly what we need it to, and we were able to spin it up quickly.”

For transactional email like the Salesforce system, Secure Email Relay lets the healthcare provider enable DKIM signing of emails prior to sending. This helps protect its employees and customers from targeted email attacks—a feature that its previous solution could not support.

Proofpoint Secure Email Relay also helps the organization strengthen privacy and compliance that are key for healthcare providers. It protects sensitive data in the organization’s application emails, such as personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI), with payload encryption and data loss prevention (DLP).

With its secure, cloud-based Secure Email Relay in place, this large healthcare provider has an economical, agile solution to maintain the integrity of its transactional emails—and its brand reputation.

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