Canada’s University of Waterloo is home to research, teaching, and innovation that takes its students—and the world—beyond today’s boundaries. Its reputation is backed by a slew of awards and recognition: ranked for 26 years as Canada’s most innovative university; Canada's #1 comprehensive research universityfor nine consecutive years; and among the top 25 in the world for computer science. As a leading institution, it’s no wonder that University of Waterloo has been the target of relentless cyber-attacks. Malware and ransomware were coming in through email attachments and overwhelming the security and client services teams—until Proofpoint.

• Protect student privacy and university financial data
• Regain days spent remediating malware and ransomware infections
• Consolidate and simplify security wherever possible

•  Proofpoint Email Protection
•  Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection with Attachment Defense
•  Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence
•  Proofpoint Threat Response

•  Stopped malware and ransomware infections
•  Freed security and client services teams from investigating and reimaging up to 40 systems per week
•  Gained flexibility to work with existing and future email infrastructure

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