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Residents of southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland have a fierce advocate for their health with WellSpan Health.

Carestream Health Gains Broad Frontline Defense Against Email Threats

Carestream Health is a worldwide provider of medical and dental imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; and advanced materials for the precision films and electronics markets.

College of Medicine Implements Preventive Medicine Against Advanced Email Threats

The college of medicine is a renowned private health sciences university with activities spanning the full range of healthcare. Protecting academic, personal health, and proprietary research information is integral to the college’s operations and reputation.

Foods Company Reins in Social Media Account Sprawl and Automates Content Moderation

When one of the world’s largest consumer goods brands expanded into social media, it quickly found itself engaged in a less rewarding activity: policing profanity and offensive content across a sprawling collection of social media accounts, many of them impostors.

Multinational Bank Lassos Social Media Compliance and Brand Fraud Risks

In this case study, learn how a prominent multinational bank manages the challenge of angler phishing attacks on its Twitter customer support accounts and social media content reviews to ensure compliance.

Entertainment Giant Stomps Social Media Hacks

This media icon quickly saw the value in social media to engage audiences in new ways. It built a broad social presence for its brands and entertainment properties. Unfortunately, the company also discovered the new risks that came with it.

Health System Puts Faith in Proofpoint

Like many healthcare organizations, the Sisters of Charity was being barraged by email-based cyber threats, so it turned to Proofpoint for advanced protection. 

Corralling Email-Based Threats To Keep Them Out Of Users’ Mailboxes

When Agri-Marché started seeing more and more email threats in employees’ inboxes, the agricultural food company needed a solution that would work across five email domains, protect 300 mailboxes—and could be managed by its two-person email security team.

Westinghouse Supercharges Email Security

Westinghouse is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to increase phishes caught, stop 100% of incoming emails with invalid addresses, streamline workflow, freeing security and email teams for strategic projects.

Historic university takes proactive approach to cybersecurity

A large research university with more than 16,000 students and scholars, more than 4,000 faculty members, and a wide array of programs, departments, and af liated organizations. The university is protecting its mission with a proactive approach to cyber security and the threats that come against it.

Manufacturing Builds A Better Email “Mousetrap”

A manufacturing company is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to stop the flood of email-based attacks, save hours per day of remediation efforts by Help Desk team, and simplify email security management while significantly improving protection.

Hospital Effectively Guards Its ‘Front Door’ From Email Threats

Medstar Montgomery is using Proofpoint Email Protection, Targeted Attack Protection, Information Protection, and Email Encryption to increase accuracy of email threat detection and filtering, reduced incident remediation from up to 20 hours to less than 30 minutes, enhance security for sensitive data through automatic encryption, and gain control over email traffic and defense against email threats.