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Manufacturing Builds A Better Email “Mousetrap”

A manufacturing company is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to stop the flood of email-based attacks, save hours per day of remediation efforts by Help Desk team, and simplify email security management while significantly improving protection.

Historic university takes proactive approach to cybersecurity

A large research university with more than 16,000 students and scholars, more than 4,000 faculty members, and a wide array of programs, departments, and af liated organizations. The university is protecting its mission with a proactive approach to cyber security and the threats that come against it.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Deploys Global Email Protection

Perrigo is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to prevented outbreaks from threats such as phishing campaigns, ransomware, and other malware, limit risk from users potentially clicking on malicious URLs, and gain multilingual analysis to protect email communications around the world.

Wright State University Expels Email Threats

Wright State is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to increase the ability to detect malware and block access to malicious URLs, gain ability to fight threats with detailed data, and save time fighting threats for higher productivity on other IT projects.

Westinghouse Supercharges Email Security

Westinghouse is using Proofpoint Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection to increase phishes caught, stop 100% of incoming emails with invalid addresses, streamline workflow, freeing security and email teams for strategic projects.

Benchmark Electronics

Benchmark Electronics cuts phishing lines and deploys proactive protection.

Global Technology Provider

A supplier of systems for power generation and transmission provides energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies to customers worldwide.

Major Network of the Sochi Olympics

Cybercriminals couldn't compete with this major network's protected social media accounts during the Olympics.

User checking email on a computer

National Department Store Chain

A national department store chain offering high-quality brands and bargain prices realized its mobile device security policy was asleep on the job.

Akorn Self-Prescribes Proofpoint Protection

Akorn uses TAP to help it detect and stop advanced malware and credential phishing attacks. TAP typically stops 4,500–5,000 malicious emails per month, and Akorn hasn’t seen any recurrences of Cryptolocker.

Scalar Reduces Risk and Transforms Incident Response

Scalar deployed Proofpoint Email Protection to defend against unwanted and malicious email while providing granular visibility. They also implemented Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) to detect, mitigate, and block advanced known and unknown email threats.

PerkinElmer Stops Advanced Threats in Their Tracks

The global threat environment continues to get more aggressive and sophisticated. PerkinElmer was seeing more fraudsters evade its spam and antivirus solutions and deliver email-based phishing attacks, spoofed emails, and malicious URLs.