Dathena is Now

Proofpoint Intelligent Classification and Protection

Proofpoint and Dathena, an innovator in artificial intelligence-powered data protection, have joined forces to protect your organization against data loss in today’s hybrid world.

Leader in AI-Powered Data Classification

In today’s world of fast data growth and change, you need to discover and classify data across the enterprise in real time. Industry-specific, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data classification models can help you better understand information risk and automate data protection.

Proofpoint Intelligent Classification and Protection gives you at-scale visibility into your business-critical data. You can quickly discover sensitive data across file repositories both on premises and in the cloud. You get actionable insights and recommendations to help you prioritize protection. And with multi-dimensional classification and automated labeling, you can augment data loss prevention to better protect your data against careless, compromised or malicious users.

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