Intelligent Classification and Protection

Information Protection

Optimize your cross-channel DLP with AI-powered classification

Proofpoint Intelligent Classification and Protection is an AI-powered approach to identifying and classifying your business-critical data. It gives you actionable recommendations and helps you accelerate your enterprise DLP program.

Next-generation visibility

The Intelligent Classification and Protection solution gives you unmatched visibility to help you understand your business-critical data. And it does this across file repositories both on-premises and in the cloud. With its multi-dimensional and at-scale visibility, you get the timely information you need to better protect your data in today’s hybrid world.

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  • Reduce false positives, starting with more than 260 pre-trained classifiers
  • Gain visibility at scale, unlike with legacy approaches
  • Prioritize action for risk reduction using auto-recommendations
  • Get a single view across files in repositories that are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid
  • Extend the efficiency of your DLP with a two-dimensional understanding of data

Take action through integration and automation

Unlike standalone AI solutions, Intelligent Classification and Protection adds to an existing people-centric strategy. And it protects your data from the risk exposure that can be caused by careless, compromised or malicious users.

  • Activate your cross-channel protection faster using integrations with any Proofpoint Information Protection channels
  • Ensure consistent and reliable data protection with auto-labeling Use custom classifiers to tailor the solution to your organization’s unique data
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Trusted AI engine

Our transparency makes it easy to understand how the AI engine makes its decisions, as we deliver continuously improving outcomes. Lift the hood on our AI engine, look at each cog, and see how it all works. Know how results are generated, what data is used, and what calculations are performed.

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  • Gain auditability on how classification decisions are made
  • Get clear explanations for trust in data quality and integrity of the algorithms
  • See improvements and continuous learning through human feedback and classification review workflow