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Cyber criminals are constantly refining their phishing emails and trying new tactics — and keeping up can seem like a constant battle. Attack Spotlight is our way of providing timely, actionable threat information you can use to arm your end users against these ever-evolving cyber attacks.

Trending Threat: OneDrive Phishing Campaign

Scammers are targeting over 60,000 mailboxes with malicious emails that invite users to view or download a document in Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive phish are affecting numerous industries and can target any individual within an organization.


Attacks using OneDrive are a persistent threat. Messages continue to look more legitimate or personalized. Make sure your employees stay alert.

What Can I Do?

Proofpoint’s Attack Spotlight quickly shows users how to identify these types of malicious emails. Send this to your users so that they can learn how to avoid being tricked by fake OneDrive messages.