Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR)

A security-conscious employee can be your last line of defense against a cyber attack — especially when a phishing attempt slips past your perimeter defenses. CLEAR is an integrated solution that streamlines end-user reporting and security response to phishing attacks, reducing the time needed to neutralize an active threat from days to minutes.

Report Phishing Emails with One-Click

  • End users can easily report a suspicious message with a single click using the PhishAlarm® email reporting button. No more tracking down “original” reported abuse messages with full headers from end users.
  • When end users report a malicious email, they receive confirmation that it was a legitimate threat through an email reinforcing their behavior.

Prioritize Emails, Automatically

  • Noise is kept to a minimum with automatic email filtering of whitelisted emails and simulated phish, making it easier for response teams to prioritize their work.
  • Save your response teams the hassle of manually-writing and maintaining countless YARA rules or relying on user reputation, and instead leverage industry-leading threat intelligence with Proofpoint.
  • Reported messages are automatically analyzed and enriched using multiple Proofpoint Threat  Intelligence and reputation systems and dispositioned as malicious, suspicious, spam, or bulk.  

Automatically Remediate Active Phishing Attacks

  • Malicious emails can automatically or with one click be quarantined or deleted by Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) from end users’ inboxes when configured.
  • If an end user forwards or sends the malicious content to another end user in your organization or the same email is received by other end users – those messages will be quarantined or deleted by TRAP as well.

"Over 90% of reported incidents are leading to being quarantined. Well trained users reporting suspicious emails, and the automation CLEAR provides is powerful."


"Time savings and automation has been huge. Can’t imagine going back to our old process."

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