Phishing Email Reporting and Analysis

Identify and stop phishing attacks that slip through technological perimeter defenses.


Even with advanced email protection tools, a small percentage of malicious messages still end up in users’ inboxes. Our PhishAlarm® phishing button empowers users to report phishing emails and other suspicious messages with one mouse click, and PhishAlarm® Analyzer helps response teams identify and remediate the most pressing threats. Both tools are integral to Proofpoint’s innovative Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) solution. 

PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer Features and Benefits

A User-Friendly Report Phishing Button

Knowledgeable users are key to identifying—and stopping—phishing attacks that slip through perimeter technology. A simple but effective email client add-in, PhishAlarm® makes it easy for your users to report phishing, dramatically reducing the duration and impact of an active phishing attack. A valuable addition to security awareness training, PhishAlarm® also reinforces positive behavior by immediately thanking users (via a pop-up message or email) for reporting phishing and suspicious emails.

PhishAlarm - Mit einem Klick das Phishing Mail melden und zum Phishing Schutz beitragen
Mit PhishAlarm zeitnahe auf Bedrohungen durch Phishing Mails reagieren

Time-Saving Threat Prioritization

A companion to PhishAlarm®, PhishAlarm® Analyzer provides ranking of reported phishing emails based on Proofpoint threat intelligence and dedicated sandboxing of URLs and attachments, allowing your response team to save time by focusing on the most imminent and dangerous threats. While other tools rank reported messages based on the users’ level of “trustworthiness” and “accuracy,” PhishAlarm® Analyzer ranks an email’s content using multiple sources within Proofpoint threat intelligence, which has access to more than 1/5 of the world’s daily email volume.

Key PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer Features

One-Click Reporting

Allows users to report phishing without having to capture header information, attachments, or technical details.

Faster Response Times

Shortens the phishing delivery-recognition-response window for infosec analysts.

Flexible Configuration

Allows for whitelisting, phishing button customization, and tailored system and forwarding actions.

Intelligent Prioritization

Automatically prioritizes reported phish messages as “Likely a Phish,” “Suspicious,” and “Unlikely a Phish.”

Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing

Uses world-class threat intelligence based off of billions of messages seen every day and dedicated sandboxing of URLs and attachments.

Most Integrations in Industry

Phishing button integrates with popular desktop and mobile email clients, including Outlook and Gmail.

CLEAR Features and Benefits

Neutralize Phishing Attacks in Minutes

Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) is an integrated solution that streamlines end-user reporting and security response to phishing attacks. By combining the PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer products with Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP), CLEAR reduces the time needed to neutralize an active phishing threat from hours to minutes.

Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) - Integrierter Phishing Schutz

CLEAR Features

Automated Remediation

Allows administrators to delete or quarantine real phishing threats automatically or with one click.

In-Depth Threat Analysis

Automatically analyzes reported messages using multiple intelligence and reputation systems from Proofpoint threat intelligence.

Automatic Email Filtering

Email filters out whitelisted emails and simulated phish so that response teams can prioritize their tasks.

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“Initial enrichment by Analyzer for reported abuse is helpful in leading to quarantine of messages confidently.”
“Over 90% of reported incidents are leading to being quarantined. Well trained users reporting suspicious emails, and the automation CLEAR provides is powerful.”
“Time savings and automation has been huge. Can’t imagine going back to our old process.”