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With Proofpoint, you can enable users seamless and secure access to your organization’s data, regardless of the device or network they connect from.

Here’s how it works:

Our cybersecurity and remote access experts will meet with you to assess your environment and what applications you use‑both network and cloud‑based. We’ll look at how your end users are deployed and what type of device support you require. Then, with a recommendation of architecture, we’ll configure secure access for your organization, so you can:

  • Secure your applications and network resources and reduce the attack surface with zero trust access for all users
  • Prevent unauthorized access to SaaS apps with identity and role-based controls
  • Educate your users on risks of work remotely
  • Ensure that your remote workforce maintains compliant adoption of the latest communication platforms
  • Protect your organization’s IP and your people's hard work by detecting malicious and accidental insider risks in real time

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