Internship Program

Proofpoint’s commitment to community also extends to its exceptional internship program, which develops excellence in the next generation. Hundreds of university students worldwide have creatively contributed to stopping today’s toughest cybercriminals while building foundational professional experience and lasting relationships.

Our internship program offers great experience to students looking to launch their careers in the expanding world of technology. Proofpoint believes in investing in our interns, who work alongside and partner with experienced colleagues on projects that will move the business forward. Our former interns’ contributions have been included in actual Proofpoint products that have gone to market!

Our program includes summer internships designed for students to have a 12 week immersive program in a specific areas, work-study internships designed for a 12-month period while a student is enrolled at university during which they work part-time; placement year opportunities in which a student spends an entire year of their university studies with Proofpoint, and finally, co-op internships where we partner with the local university to become an adjunct to a student’s studies specifically in cybersecurity technology.

Our interns participate in numerous events, including: Ask Me Anything Speaker Series with our executives and senior leaders, moderated panels with technical leaders and previous interns, fun social events – and other sessions that benefit our intern population. Proofpoint’s interns also support children going back to school in local communities with an annual backpack drive.

One of the biggest benefits to the program is that our interns create long lasting connections. As students, the focus is on “what” you know. But “who” you know can also be beneficial throughout the professional journey. During the Proofpoint internship, our interns can socialize and network with other interns, leaders, and mentors!

Our summer program culminates in a Showcase in which our summer and year-round interns demonstrate their creative work and innovative projects that they worked on over the summer or previous year. By the time our interns finish their internship, they gain real-world experience in tech and created those important long-lasting relationships and following their graduation, many have gone on to have careers at Proofpoint.