Proofpoint Launches Three People-centric Cybersecurity Innovations: TAP Isolation, Enhanced Threat Detection, and Threat Response Python Scripting

Cybersecurity leader boosts advanced attack protection to safeguard how people work today across personal/corporate email, social media, and cloud applications

Black Hat USA—Las Vegas, NV—August 8, 2018 – Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, today announced three people-centric security innovations, including Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation for personal webmail and browsing defense, enhanced threat detection, and new Threat Response python scripting.

“Exceptional effectiveness in threat protection requires constant innovation—and today Proofpoint has increased its lead,” said Ryan Kalember, senior vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. “Technologically, these people-centric innovations are an important step forward for Proofpoint and our customers. We help security teams proactively defend their organizations from today’s most advanced threats at scale, embrace new devices, and safely empower employees to use personal email and browse the web.”

Years in the making, these latest innovations underscore the importance Proofpoint places on staying ahead of today’s attackers.

Proofpoint’s TAP Isolation Secures Personal Webmail and Browsing

Attackers are relentless when pursuing their victims. When they can’t reach targets through their corporate email accounts, they go after the second most popular threat vector, personal email accounts. For this reason, employee personal web use has historically introduced significant security, productivity, and privacy challenges to an organization’s security posture.

TAP Isolation separates web content to provide corporate users with safe and anonymous access to webmail and internet browsing while protecting the endpoint and the corporate network. Powered through Proofpoint’s cloud service, it’s simple for IT to deploy, manage, and support, while simultaneously improving user satisfaction. These capabilities also meet compliance needs by enabling employers to establish a filtered, proxied, anonymous, and secure internet service for personal webmail and browsing use as required by GDPR.

Enhanced Threat Detection Boosts Credential Phishing and Advanced Malware Detection

This latest TAP threat detection innovation builds on Proofpoint’s industry-leading threat platform to deliver the best possible detection rates across all threat types: URLs, attachments, malware, and phishing. Proofpoint’s “ensemble” approach within TAP, which combines machine learning, static, behavioral, and network/protocol analysis, maximizes both the effectiveness and visibility provided to customers.

New TAP sandbox environments feature enhanced phishing detection capabilities that catch a wider variety of phishing attacks combined with faster scanning and release times. On the malware detection front, it integrates new memory inspection capabilities and improves machine learning to deepen malware detection and stop targeted attacks.

Proofpoint Threat Response Features New Python Scripting

To help organizations rapidly expand and efficiently support orchestration and automation across a broad ecosystem of devices, Proofpoint Threat Response users can now build their own connectors in a python scripting environment. This allows security teams to connect any network device with an API to Proofpoint Threat Response system for analysis. In addition, a new Threat Response auto-pull quarantine dashboard provides users with details of all actions taken and insight into the email, sender, and more.

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