Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access NaaS Platform

Cloud Security

With Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) NaaS, you can quickly deploy a zero-trust network security model. This allows you to protect access from user devices to applications in your data center and the cloud. It leverages a dense, cloud-native global backbone to deliver segment-of-one application access and cloud-delivered internet security.


Ensure the best user experience for your employees, contractors, partners and customers—wherever they are

Global network backbone

Designed to support millions of concurrent users, our cloud-native, encrypted overlay network as a service features a constantly growing number of PoPs. This helps to reduce last-mile latency and optimizes routing.

Identity-based access

Each user device and network entity has a unique, permanent identity. This identity is embedded in network traffic for continuous verification and policy enforcement. Integrated with leading IdP and SSO solutions, our NaaS platform also leverages device-side certificates and a variety of second factors for authentication.

Software-defined perimeter

Our Proofpoint ZTNA NaaS platform enforces a software-defined perimeter per user. Since the network is zero-trust by design, all resources are hidden in a secure enclave. And all access must be explicitly granted with a whitelist. All access is authenticated, authorized and continuously verified at the packet level.

Secure internet access

Just because your users are working off-site, there’s no reason to compromise on internet security. Using our patent-pending “split tunneling in the cloud,” Proofpoint ZTNA NaaS directs internet traffic through the network security stack of your choice, delivered in the cloud.

Auditing and analytics

Since each user/device identity is permanent and embedded at the packet level, all of your network traffic is fully attributed and auditable. What’s more, our integrated analytics support anomaly detection and compliance.

Proofpoint Meta Zero Trust

Zero Trust Networking

Proofpoint Meta Packet Level Identity

People-Centric Perimeter

Proofpoint Meta Cloud Network

Cloud-Native Performance

Proofpoint ZTNA NaaS

  • Global backbone
  • Identity-based policy routing
  • Always-on VPN for managed devices
  • Agent-free connectivity for unmanaged devices
  • Cloud-delivered security stack
  • Unified policy management
  • Visibility, auditing and compliance

People-centric access solution

Proofpoint ZTNA is a people-centric access solution that addresses the fragmentation and complexity of today’s security perimeter. With our ZTNA NaaS platform, you can easily onboard your user devices and network resources to the global cloud network and then define access policies. All traffic is secured. Access to private applications and subnets is protected by a software-defined perimeter per user, and internet traffic is protected by the security stack of your choice. Proofpoint ZTNA is the future of enterprise networking, abstracting the physical topology into a logical network that enables policy-based management of your users and applications. It leverages the latest in cloud-scale technology to reduce latency. And it ensures the best possible user experience for your employees, contractors, partners and customers—wherever they are.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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