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Data Discover

Mitigate insider threats, reduce the impact of breaches, and comply with regulations. Accurately discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data on file shares, data stores, and SharePoint sites.


Few organizations have the visibility they need to protect their sensitive data. Proofpoint Data Discover simplifies and automates PCI, PII and PHI discovery. Understand where and how data is being used. Identify sensitive data that’s exposed, resolve compliance breaches in real time.

Features and Benefits

Find and Fix Compliance Issues with Data Discover

Data discovery software provides dependable and automated content analysis. Track information across your network, including file shares, SAN and NAS storage, and SharePoint sites. Sensitive data discovery identifies data that is the most at risk to exposure, such as PII, PHI and PHI. Remediate compliance breaches in real time; quarantine, delete, or revoke access to exposed data.

Find Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is sprawled across the enterprise. In most cases, you have limited visibility into where it’s stored and who has access to it. This data presents alarming risk ranging from breaches—from insiders and outsiders alike—to compliance violations. 

Find your sensitive data with Data Discover. The data discovery tool takes a minute to install, runs automatically, and gives you an overview of where your sensitive data lives.

Data Discovery Tool Pie Chart Showing Sensitive Data

Visualize risks to remediate faster

Incident remediation queues often bring more noise than insight. Data Discover helps solve this problem. Our visualization tools, such as heat maps and excess-exposure charts, show you where you’re most vulnerable. For example, payment credit industry (PCI) violations alone can overwhelm your IT staff with thousands of incidents. Data Discover fast-tracks your remediation effort by quickly highlighting unique PCI violations that expose your sensitive data or make it too widely accessible. Given their value to attackers, these sensitive files are the ones most likely to be stolen in a breach.

Deploy in minutes, see value within a day

The cost and time involved in deploying information protection tools can be the biggest hurdles to safeguarding your business-critical data. Our cloud-based data discovery software platform deploys quickly for unmatched time to value. Many customers deploy in just 90 minutes and see tangible benefits in 24 hours. 

Data Discover also makes the most of any existing investments you’ve made in Proofpoint Email and Information Protection. It shares more than 80 template-based policies across files on network shares and SharePoint sites, including PCI, HIPAA, and PII. You can create custom policies and apply them to both data in motion and data at rest.

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“Data Discover drastically simplified our data protection practices. We were able to replace our legacy solution and deploy in less than a day, and the results proved more consistent across a wide variety of file types and target repositories.” 
— Joe Bennett, YP CSO


The data discovery tool takes a minute to install, runs automatically and gives you an overview of where your sensitive data lives.

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