Prevent identity risks and detect real-time identity threats with automated remediation


Proofpoint Spotlight continuously discovers and remediates identity threats to stop lateral movement.

When attackers first land on a host, it’s very rarely their end target. They need to escalate privilege and move laterally to achieve their objectives. It’s fast, easy and effective for them to exploit vulnerable identities that exist in all organizations. Proofpoint Spotlight helps organizations clean up their vulnerable identities before an attacker finds them.

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Proofpoint Shadow uses modern deception technology to detect attackers as they attempt to move laterally and escalate their privilege.

Are you relying on conventional signatures or behavioral analysis for threat detection? If your security team is grappling with false positives and alert fatigue, and you're uncertain about your ability to detect active threats, it is time to consider a more advanced approach. Enter Proofpoint Shadow—a solution designed to detect identity-centric attacks with unparalleled accuracy. Using an agentless methodology, Shadow lures attackers in your production environment with a diverse array of deceptive resources, serving as high-fidelity detection tripwires.

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