Managed Security Awareness Services

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Spend your time wisely. Use Managed Security Awareness Services to run, optimize and report on your security awareness training with actionable insights and strategic planning.

Leverage our expertise to ensure better security through education

  • Assessment: Customized phishing campaigns based on live threats to assess your organizations’ preparedness.
  • Training: Modern training based on the threat assessments and current attacks.
  • Analysis: Associating training results and external attack targets to optimize other security controls.
  • Reporting: Integrated, actionable reporting across threats, campaign results, and training results.

Why use Managed Security Awareness Services?

Why use mPSAT?

  • Better Design: Your Managed Services team designs and manages programs to match your goals.
  • Better Results: Ensures that you are maximizing their security awareness investment—with reporting to prove it.
  • Faster Ramp Up: Program will be in the implementation phase within two weeks.
  • Saves Time and Effort: You can focus on reports and actionable data, while the Managed Services team manages all administrative and deployment tasks.