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Sendmail Sentrion

A scalable email platform for enterprise messaging applications


Sendmail Sentrion message processors are architected for large businesses with high performance message processing and integration requirements, and offer a scaleable email infrastructure platform that provides future growth and easy integration with existing messaging infrastructure or SaaS/Cloud for hybrid architectures. Unlike proprietary email-security appliances the Sendmail Sentrion platform offers enterprises the ability to integrate legacy applications, human and machine-generated email, and a wide variety of third party applications.


Benefits and Features

Scalable email infrastructure

The Sendmail Sentrion email infrastructure platform, with its suite of applications, performs full-content message inspection enabling policy-based delivery of all human and machine-generated email, whether deployed on-premises, in-cloud, or via mobile devices and provides solutions for:

  • Email messaging backbone infrastructure
  • Border protection and gateway management
  • Inbound message filtering
  • Outbound data loss protection
  • Internal policy and routing
  • Critical customer communications
  • Hybrid cloud email infrastructure and more...

Sendmail Sentrion Message Processors are available in multiple deployment options and all rely upon the same proven Proofpoint Messaging Processing Platform.

Email Integration Platform

The Sendmail Sentrion Email Integration Platform consists of multiple message processing components that run on a secure Red Hat Linux operating system and managed with an easy-to-use unified graphical user interface. The platform foundation for all message processors—hard appliances, virtual appliances, and even SaaS, provides enterprises with the flexibility to deploy the Sendmail Sentrion Message Processors in multiple formats depending on their specific application requirements—from gateway protection and outbound data loss prevention, critical customer communications to core messaging backbone infrastructure—to manage complex hybrid email architectures. 


  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) provides secure, scalable, and reliable routing for email networks of all sizes and complexity and when combined with the open source counterpart, is the most widely deployed MTA technology in the world.
  • Policy Engine enables IT messaging personnel the ability to create policies based on any centrally defined action; on any message; with any condition; from any individual sender, group, or division and to any recipient.
  • Connection Controls provides complete control over inbound and outbound email traffic by throttling trusted email or dropping abusive traffic and collects broad statistics about the behavior of individual senders, sender reputation, sending hosts, and network address blocks and enforces pre-defined limits.
  • LDAP Directory that interfaces with existing directories and centralizes users, alternate email addresses, groups, mail distribution lists, administrative groups and policy-related information into a secure and centrally managed data repository. It provides this information to email servers across the enterprise to add intelligence to gateway security, routing, and policy enforcement.
  • Quarantine for a flexible server-based per-use quarantine for disposing suspect messages—inbound spam at the gateway, outbound messages suspected of policy violations, and more.

Virtual Appliances

Sentrion Message Processors are available in multiple deployment options and all rely upon the same proven enterprise email infrastructure platform, and the Sentrion Message Processing Engine.

The Sentrion Virtual Message Processor (MPV) is a VMWare-based version of the Sentrion MP hard appliance. With Sentrion MPV, organizations get all of the benefits of the Sentrion MP hard appliance plus the additional benefits of a virtual appliance:

  • Complete Sentrion Message Processing Engine in a “Virtual Machine”
  • Ideal for “green data centers”
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Provides higher utilization rate per/server
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Lowers total cost of ownership of servers
  • Runs on existing X86 hardware

Hard Appliances

All Sentrion appliances rely on the Sentrion Message Processing Engine and run all of the applications found in the Sentrion Application Store.

Sentrion Message Processors are high performance messaging appliances, servers and applications for enterprise email infrastructure. Sentrion Message Processors are available in multiple deployment options and all rely upon the same proven enterprise email infrastructure platform, and the Sentrion Message Processing Engine.


Hard appliance versions of the Proofpoint Sendmail Sentrion come in three models:

  • Proofpoint Sendmail Sentrion MP 371

  • Proofpoint Sendmail Sentrion MP 372

  • Proofpoint Sendmail Sentrion MP 372X