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Social Sight

Secure employee social media without sacrificing employee privacy.


Proofpoint Social Sight brings enterprise-class security to employee social media programs while maintaining full employee privacy and account control. It helps employees avoid embarrassing mistakes, protects against hacks, and secures collaboration between peers.

Features and Benefits

Secure Employee Accounts

Employees who identify themselves with your brand through a social media advocacy program may be targeted by attacks against your organization. Today’s threats include phishing, spam, malware, and scams.  

Social Sight ensures employee accounts are secure. It constantly monitors accounts for malicious content. If a risk is detected, it notifies the employee and deletes the malicious post.  

Social Sight also monitors employee account configurations and posting behavior for signs of account tampering. If a hacking attempt is discovered, it sends an email alert to the employee and even deletes any posts made by the hacker.

Secure Employee Brand Advocacy Video

Learn about securing your employee social media programs while maintaining full employee privacy and control.

Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

We all know how easy it is to accidentally broadcast an embarrassing link or divulge sensitive information. Social Sight protects your brand from the fallout that comes from errant posts. It alerts employees when one of their posts includes inappropriate links, information, or language. 

When an employee chooses to keep their feeds family-friendly, SocialSight also checks for hate speech, intolerance, bullying, pornography, and profanity. An alert lets employees know when they should review something.

Share Secure Content

Social Sight helps employees share safe and successful content. When your marketing team creates professional content, Social Sight scans it for security risks before it is shared with your employee advocates. Then employees can access an in-app library of secure content and easily share it as part of their advocacy efforts. 

Social Sight also shows employee advocates which posts are performing best for their peers and which employee advocates are top performers in their community.

Gain Visibility and Maintain Privacy

Social Sight's reports provide insights into the social media security posture of your employees as a group. Data is aggregated and anonymized, so employees maintain full privacy and control of their personal accounts.

With this insight, you can gain visibility into security or content issues. Is unprofessional content a problem? Are employees discussing unannounced future products? Is a new phishing scam spreading? 

If unprofessional or risky content becomes an issue, you’ll see it across all employees—not any individual user. You can respond by sending a friendly reminder of your conduct policy or security best practices to all of your brand advocates.  

Use Social Sight to see attacks that might be affecting your company and understand content and conduct trends across your organization. 

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