White Paper

A Guide To Corporate Social Media Security

Learn About the Top Five Corporate Social Media Risks and How to Protect Your Firm

With the rapid business adoption of social media as a core communication channel, organizations are increasingly exposed to an array of internal and external security risks, especially those with significant social media presence. The FBI, Gartner and many other security analysts cite social media as one of the fastest growing security threats and it's important that security teams gain an understanding of this new attack surface and develop a plan to protect their business.

It is important for security teams at organizations with significant social media presence to gain an understanding of this new attack surface and enact a strategy to protect the business. Bottom line- social media provides bad actors with a direct link to your customers, employees, and brand equity that they can easily exploit.

Download this guide now and learn:

  • Why hackers see social media as a dream environment for attacks compared to Web sites and email
  • The three most common attack methods against corporations on social
  • Top five social media security risks for enterprise security professionals
  • How to prevent a security incident and tips for protecting your organization