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Secure Share

Cloud-based Secure Exchange of Large or Sensitive Files over Email

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Proofpoint Secure Share™ is a cloud-based solution that enables enterprise users to exchange large files in a secure and compliant manner to enterprise policies. Secure Share is part of an integrated and holistic DLP and encryption solution that enables users to communicate securely while mitigating enterprise risk and removing burdens from an organization’s email and other IT infrastructure.

Proofpoint Secure Share™ is:

  • Security-focused: Authentication, encryption, virus detection, and data management capabilities that deliver enterprise-grade security controls
  • Policy-driven: Administrative configuration that enables customized enterprise policies around data retention, file management, and data loss prevention
  • Easy to use: Focuses on delivering a seamless and transparent user experience that maintains a user’s workflow, and reduces likelihood a user needs to circumvent controls to get their job done

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