Getting Started with Data Loss Prevention and Insider Threat Management

As the nature of work has evolved, data loss has only grown more challenging. Insider threats, external attackers or misconfigured cloud services have led to a rising problem, one that calls for a new, people-centric approach to data loss prevention (DLP). Download our guide to learn the ins and outs of building a unified people-centric program that blends DLP and insider threat management. Whether you're setting up your first DLP program or need to uplevel your current efforts in the face of new risks, our step-by-step primer shows you how to safeguard your most valuable assets. You'll learn:

  • The six crucial steps to building and improving your DLP program
  • Why insider threat management is a critical part of any effective DLP program
  • How to connect the dots between sensitive content, user behavior and external threats for full context and visibility
  • Why you can't treat careless, malicious and compromised users the same way
  • Key metrics and measuring success

Download your copy now.