Solution Brief

Zero Trust: How to Secure Your Network in the Age of Cloud and Worker Mobility

Many enterprises heartily embrace cloud computing by putting their own applications in the cloud. They subscribe to ready-to-use SaaS applications, and support an expanding remote and mobile workforce. However, these practices strain the capabilities of legacy networks built around site-centric connectivity and security stacks. Some well known shortcomings of relying on data-center-based firewalls and VPNs include the large network attack surface, unreliable end-user experience, and administrative headaches.


  • Proofpoint Meta Secure Enterprise Access

Key Benefits

  • Deliver secure remote access to your employees and contractors
  • Ensure zero-trust security through adaptive controls and granular access
  • Enable a people-centric, software-defined perimeter
  • Accelerate cloud migration through a cloud-native network

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