State of the Phish 2024

Threat Report

2024 State of the Phish – Today’s Cyber Threats and Phishing Protection

Is Your Organization Covered with Phishing Protection? 

Imagine a cyber attacker bypassing your defenses because of the lack of phishing protection. Often, the easiest way to breach security is to exploit the human factor. In fact, more than 70% of employees admit to risky behavior that leaves them vulnerable.

Download our 2024 State of the Phish report and discover key findings based on a survey of 7,500 users and 1,050 security professionals:

  • How many users knowingly take security risks (hint: it's a lot)
  • Why so many employees feel uncertain about their security responsibility
  • The alarming rise of sophisticated phishing tactics like MFA bypass (EvilProxy), telephone-oriented attacks and QR-code phishing
  • Which industry sees the most attacks—and it might surprise you

You'll get real-world data from millions of simulated phishing messages and reported malicious emails, expert insights on how to bridge the gap between security awareness and employee behavior, and actionable steps to change user behavior firewall and protect your organization.

Download your free copy today and learn how to protect your organization from phishing attacks.