State of the Phish 2023

Threat Report

2023 State of the Phish

Protect Your Business from Today's Biggest Cyber Threats

As businesses continue to roll out new security controls, threat actors are finding new and sophisticated ways to bypass these defenses and attack people. Our ninth annual State of the Phish report takes a deep dive into these complex techniques. It also highlights how attackers are gaining the upper hand. And it explores the proven tactics that are as popular as ever.

This year's report contains some eye-opening statistics. Here's a sampling:

  • 44% of people think an email is safe when it contains familiar branding, but cyber criminals used Microsoft branding or products in over 30 million malicious messages sent in 2022.
  • Telephone-oriented attack delivery attempts increased significantly, with 300-400K made daily, peaking at 600K per day in August 2022.
  • Direct financial loss from successful phishing attacks increased by 76% in 2022.
  • User reporting was responsible for blocking 75 million threats, approximately 1 in 10.

It's time to break the attack chain. Download the 2023 State of the Phish Report to get valuable insights into the latest threats and learn how to make your users your best defense.