The Benefits of Proactive Expertise, Staff Continuity and Executive Insights

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Recorded live on October 3, 2023

Optimizing your threat and information protection products isn’t a short-term prospect. Because it’s not just about “getting to green” … it’s about staying there. All while identifying and addressing emerging threats and regulatory shifts, adapting to changing conditions (including staff turnover, vacations, and leaves of absence) and aligning to organizational objectives. The benefits of partnering with a team of experts are sometimes obvious but often surprising.

Join us for our 45-minute webinar, the first in a two-part series. Joining us for this discussion is special guest, Sherri Leach, Deputy CISO for Ingersoll Rand. In this session, we will discuss.

  • Recognizing when and why you should engage with premium services
  • The three pillars of value you should look for in managed threat and information protection (hint: traditional staff augmentation isn’t one of them)
  • How to think about (and internally champion) the ROI in premium services
  • Real-world customer outcomes and success stories

This is part one of a two-part series, Optimizing Threat and Information Protection with Premium Services

Featured Speaker

Sherri Leach

Deputy CISO for Ingersoll Rand

A proven tactical and strategic innovator and cyber security practitioner– harnessing over 27 years of technical leadership experience across multiple fields within cybersecurity applied across both public and private industry including Fortune 500 companies, US Intelligence Community and Federal Government.  Her passion for defending against threat actors coupled with her love of continuous process improvement has led her to being a respected expert in building highly elite cybersecurity operations centers with a keen focus on security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness. When Sherri is not actively engaged defending enterprises from threat actors, you can find her on a surfboard carving up waves with her Ohana.