4 Strategies to Combat Insider Threats in Your Supply Chain

Collaboration is key in today’s workplace. But that means broadening the supply chain to include remote employees, new applications, increased cloud-based storage and new sanctioned endpoints. And this creates new opportunities for breaches from the inside. To safeguard your critical IP and sensitive data, you need to take a people-centric approach to protecting data and mitigating insider risk.  

Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn about how the technology sector—and others in agile, collaborative industries—can manage insider threats.

In this webinar, we cover four strategies to help you:

  • Allow for open collaboration by using data to identify user risk
  • Protect your competitive advantage with real-time IP data tracking
  • Safeguard user data when working with third parties across your supply chain to remain compliant
  • Prepare your incident response plan to avoid unnecessary data loss  

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