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Current Cyber Threat of the Week - 10-Minute Webinar

Each week we host a Cyber Threat of the Week webinar featuring a high-level look at the latest cyber threats, including current malware and ransomware,  to help security teams navigate the attack landscape, in less than 10 minutes.

For this week's Interesting Threaty Byte, we bring you the LCG Kit, a new builder for malicious Microsoft Office documents. What's so fascinating about this week’s threat is it allows budding threat actors to create malicious documents of their own. CG Kit or Linear Congruential Generator was first discovered in March of 2018 and began by creating documents that exploited certain CVE's. LCG Kit has now evolved to use macros which are popular for threat actors to use to infect a person's computer.

Once infected, the threat actor can further infect the victim's computer with common malwares such as;  Loki Bot, FormBook, Agent Tesla, AZORult, Revcode RAT and Quasar RAT.

This Interesting Threat comes to us from our Proofpoint Threat Insight blog; "LCG Kit: Sophisticated builder for Malicious Microsoft Office Documents", located at