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Cyber Threat of the Week

Each week we host a Cyber Threat of the Week webinar featuring a high-level look at interesting threats to help security teams navigate the attack landscape, in less than 10 minutes.

For this week’s Interesting Threaty Byte, we bring you Marap. Marap, param backwards, is part of a group of recently discovered downloader malwares. Marap is targeting financial institutions and is notable because it is currently only collecting system information, can download other modules/payloads, connects back to command and control servers and has many anti-analysis checks built into the code. It is possible that this malware is currently doing reconnaissance to determine if there is data the threat actor wants.

This Interesting Threat comes to us from our Proofpoint Threat Insight blog; "New modular downloaders fingerprint systems, prepare for more - Part 1: Marap", located at