2021 Threat Review
& Featured Case Studies

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 9AM - 12PM PT / 12PM - 3PM ET | Zoom

Cyber attacks continue to be top of mind for companies in 2021. Almost every organization has been forced to rethink and implement new cybersecurity approaches to ensure business continuity. What have the most successful companies done, what were the lessons learned, and how can we take these use cases to prepare for 2022?  

Join Proofpoint and ISSA for a free cybersecurity eSummit to recap 2021 and hear firsthand from cybersecurity practitioners and thought leaders as they explore these questions and more.


Keynote – 2021 Lessons Learned & 2022 Look Ahead

In cybersecurity, people are an organization’s last and most important line of defense. 2021 brought unexpected challenges to organizations such as ransomware, email fraud, and cloud account takeover. Organizations need to better prepare against these threats as we move into the new year. So how can you better protect your company? 

Join experts Ryan Kalember, EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy and Sherrod Degrippo, VP of Threat Research & Detection, as they recap lessons learned from 2021 and prepare for 2022. Learn how you can better protect your most valuable assets: people and data. This session will cover:  

  • The most significant cyber trends and lessons learned in 2021 
  • Dissecting most common tactics of threat actors  
  • How a people-centric approach can protect your organization 

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Session 2

Information Protection is More Important Now Than Ever

Data breaches and leaks can be extremely costly, hurting both your company’s bottom line as well as reputation. Unfortunately, we continue to see more and more attacks. Modern enterprises must address these data security challenges with solutions that  guard against employee negligence, stop data breaches and help you remain compliant with data privacy laws.   

Join Proofpoint experts as they discuss why legacy, on-premises DLP technology falls short of addressing modern data security risks and requirements. 

In this 45-minute session, we’ll cover: 

  • Data security challenges of today and what to expect tomorrow 
  • How people-centric information protection can give you a protective edge 
  • The imperative to modernize DLP today 

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Session 3

Panel Discussion - Run an Impactful Security Awareness Program

Featured Case Studies from Costco & Eli Lilly 

Human error and social engineering continue to be the primary reasons behind data breaches and financial losses to cyber crimes Gartner suggests that security awareness be more than phishing simulation and computer-based training. So how do you run a security awareness program that goes beyond check-box training and phishing simulation? What are the key elements to conducting a program that drives actual security outcomes?  

Join this 45-minute session and hear from panelists and subject matter experts from Costco and Eli Lilly. You’ll learn about: 

  • The challenges of running an impactful security awareness program 
  • How to keep users engaged and drive user behavior change 
  • How to measure and communicate program success 

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Ryan Kalember

EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint

With almost 20 years of professional experience in the information security industry, Ryan has provided cybersecurity counsel to global government delegations including Jordan, North Macedonia, Peru, and Spain. He also works with the National Governors Association and is a board member of the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Cybersecurity Technical Advisory Board

Sherrod DeGrippo

VP of Threat Research & Detection at Proofpoint

Sherrod is the VP of Threat Research and Detection leading a worldwide malware research team to advance Proofpoint threat intelligence and keep organizations safe from cyberattacks. Sherrod directs her 24/7/365 team to investigate advanced threats, deliver protections to customers daily, and create scalable threat intelligence solutions that integrate directly into Proofpoint products. Sherrod has been with Proofpoint for five years and has over fifteen years of information security experience.

Mike Stacy

Global Director of Cloud & Information Protection at Proofpoint

Mike Stacy is the Global Director of Cloud & Information Protection at Proofpoint, where he is primarily focused on aligning Proofpoint’s strategy to customer priorities. Previous to this role Mike was Director of Advanced Technology for Proofpoint, where he led a global team focused on areas including cloud security/CASB, SASE, enterprise DLP, email fraud defense, SOAR, browser isolation, and security awareness training. Over the course of his career Mike has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies to drive innovation across a variety of technology disciplines including security, messaging, networking, and collaboration.

Aaron Haneline

Information Security Education and Development Consultant at Eli Lilly

Aaron graduated with a BA in Education from Michigan State University.  Aaron has over 25 year of experience educating a wide range of learners ranging from Kindergarteners to Corporate Executives. Aaron has been a consultant at Eli Lilly since 2016. He has played a key role in the ongoing Cybersecurity Workforce Awareness maturity journey at Eli Lilly for the past 4 years.

John McCumber

Cybersecurity Executive

John McCumber is a cybersecurity executive providing targeted guidance for industry and government initiatives.  He also develops and delivers consultative support for CIOs/CISOs in the areas of cybersecurity, data management, privacy and analytics. He is a retired US Air Force officer and former Cryptologic Fellow of the National Security Agency.

Sara Pan

Product Marketing Manager for Security Awareness

Sara Pan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint. Sara has been a product strategist in the cybersecurity industry for almost 10 years. She has presented at industry events and webinars- topics spanning across endpoint security, data security, GDPR, and email security. Sara’s on top of the new wave of email threats, such as business email compromise, account takeover, and supply chain risk.