Guiding Principles for a Modern DLP Solution

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Recorded live on February 15, 2024

Many enterprises have embraced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions in pursuit of regulatory compliance. However, these traditional tools often come with significant drawbacks, including high costs and maintenance challenges. DLP incident responders are frustrated with traditional DLP solutions due to lack of accuracy and context. Organizations are looking for solutions that go beyond traditional DLP and incorporate risk-based adaptive techniques to strengthen data security.  

Join us for this 30-minute webinar and live demo as we discuss the guiding principles for modern DLP and demonstrate how we think Proofpoint Enterprise DLP delivers on these principles:

  • Visibility to risk of data loss and policy enforcement across email, endpoint, cloud, and web
  • Rich context on user behavior and threats to data for a risk-based adaptive approach
  • Enhanced content inspection with AI-generated data classifiers
  • Centralized console and reporting for DLP and insider risk management

This is part one of a two-part series, Guiding Principles for a Modern Information Protection Solution.