Guiding Principles for a Modern Information Protection Solution

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The risk of data loss increases as your business embraces digital transformation, remote work and cloud computing. Legacy data loss prevention (DLP) solutions weren’t developed with these new dynamics in mind. In its recently published “Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention”, Gartner® lays out the guiding principles for an adaptive DLP solution. And in its recently published "Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions," Gartner® lays out how DLP and IRM are converging.

Join us for our two-part webinar and demo series and learn how to defend your data and protect your most valuable assets.

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Webinar Series-Part 1

Guiding Principles for a Modern DLP Solution

Many enterprises have embraced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions in pursuit of regulatory compliance. However, these traditional tools often come with significant drawbacks, including high costs and maintenance challenges. DLP incident responders are frustrated with traditional DLP solutions due to lack of accuracy and context. Organizations are looking for solutions that go beyond traditional DLP and incorporate risk-based adaptive techniques to strengthen data security.  

Join us for this 30-minute webinar and live demo as we discuss the guiding principles for modern DLP and demonstrate how we think Proofpoint Enterprise DLP delivers on these principles:

  • Visibility to risk of data loss and policy enforcement across email, endpoint, cloud, and web
  • Rich context on user behavior and threats to data for a risk-based adaptive approach
  • Enhanced content inspection with AI-generated data classifiers
  • Centralized console and reporting for DLP and insider risk management

Webinar Series - Part 2

Guiding Principles for Insider Risk Management

Insider threats are increasing. The shift to remote and hybrid work, growth of data across multiple tools, applications, and channels, and high employee turnover puts sensitive data and systems at risk. As a result, proactively managing insider threats with visibility into user behavior is critical for today’s security teams.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar and live demo as we discuss how we think Proofpoint solutions deliver against capabilities outlined in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions. According to Gartner®, mandatory capabilities of enterprise IRM platforms are:

  • “Orchestration with other cybersecurity tooling
  • Monitoring of employee activity and assimilating into a behavior-based risk model
  • Dashboarding and alerting of high-risk activity
  • Orchestration and initiation of intervention workflows”