Protecting Sensitive Patient Data from Cyber Threats

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Recorded live on April 30, 2024

In the healthcare industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, the threat landscape is particularly complex due to the high value of intellectual property and sensitive patient data. Cyber criminals deploy a range of tactics such as phishing, ransomware attacks, and the creation of spoofed domains specifically designed to target the industry's unique vulnerabilities.

Human error often provides the initial entry point, when cyber criminals skilled in social engineering manipulate employees into inadvertently granting access to secure networks or revealing confidential information. Ultimately, this can compromise the integrity of pharmaceutical research data and patient privacy. With employees as prime targets, it's crucial to implement a security strategy focused on understanding and mitigating human behavior risks.

Join our Vice President of Industry Solutions, Ryan Witt, for a live 30-minute briefing where we will discuss:

  • Recent threat intelligence specific to pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations
  • Most frequently targeted areas within pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations
  • Best practices for cybersecurity resilience