Machine Learning: Using NexusAI
to Enable Regulatory Compliance

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False positives are the bane of any team reviewing digital communications to help enable regulatory compliance. They’re flagged as potential risks, so teams must spend countless hours manually reviewing and removing them from their queues. There is a better way. 

Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance provides out-of-box machine learning models that utilize past reviewer decisions to significantly reduce low-value supervision content. This allows you to focus on meaningful content, while reducing reviewer fatigue and human errors caused by fatigue. 

Join us for a 30-minute webinar for a deep dive into this new technology. Our experts will: 

  • Discuss how AI/ML technology can help enable regulatory compliance 
  • Illustrate how you can remove up to 65% of false positives compared with legacy systems without machine learning 
  • Demonstrate integration with Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision, offering next generation surveillance