Live Demo: Implementing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

The classic perimeter-based network security architecture that has been in place for 30 years. However, users and applications are no longer confined to the corporate network, and security organizations are challenged with protection in this new paradigm. This highly dynamic and sometimes unpredictable delivery model needs a new approach to network and application access that is more robust and easier to manage. So how is that achieved?

Join our live demo on the Proofpoint ZTNA platform - a cloud native service that connects users to applications quickly and transparently regardless of where either resides. The platform leverages a Zero Trust Network Access model and provides flexible and granular policy controls in a cohesive, easy to manage environment. We'll demonstrate:

  • How to improve security posture and simplify the user experience
  • How to reduce your operational effort through our flexible and robust security controls
  • How the platform is adaptive and can work with many use cases, with any application environment end user operating system

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