Stop Fraudulent Emails Before Reaching Your Clinical Staff, Patients and Associates

These days, identity deception is on the rise.  And whether it’s identity spoofing or credential stealing, it could be placing your healthcare organization at risk. In fact, Proofpoint research shows imposter emails to healthcare have jumped by 300% in the last year.  What’s more, lures exploiting COVID-19 have become particularly popular with cyber criminals. Given the complexity in tactics and channels for these email fraud attacks, numerous controls need to be implemented to keep your patient records safe. In this session, we’ll look at proven implementation best practices to protect your people from cyber threats. 

These include:

  • Hardening your email and identifying fraud
  • Protecting against spoofing and taking down look-alikes
  • Protecting sensitive data with an integrated email fraud defense solution
  • Steps to thwart COVID-19 based attacks

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