Strategies and Tools to Stop Data Loss and Insider Threats


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Recorded live on May 25, 2023

As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, digitize their businesses and grow their remote workforce, they are faced with many data security challenges. Poor visibility to data handling in the cloud, compromised cloud accounts and activity by insiders increase security risks. Siloed data loss prevention (DLP) tools hamper investigations. Poorly designed tools on the endpoint cause performance and stability problems. Skills gaps in security teams make it harder to run a successful Information Protection program. How can your organization combat these challenges?

Join us for a 60-minute webinar featuring guest speaker Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to learn about strategies and tools to:

  • Modernize DLP with a people-centric approach
  • Improve visibility to cloud data
  • Increase operational efficiency and mature your Information Protection program

Featured Speaker

Heidi Shey

Principal Analyst at Forrester

Heidi is a principal analyst at Forrester serving security and risk professionals. Her research primarily focuses on data security and privacy strategy, policies, and related technology controls. She guides clients in applying a Zero Trust, data-centric approach to securing data, advising them in areas like sensitive data discovery and classification, data loss prevention, secure communications, and more. Her research coverage also includes cyber insurance, customer-facing breach notification and response, consumer security, and small and medium-size business (SMB) security market trends.