Using Threat Intelligence to Mitigate People-Centric Risk

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Recorded live on October 10, 2023

In an ever-shifting threat landscape, it’s critical to have access to targeted, timely threat intelligence. But you also want actionable information that’s meaningful to your organization. The best threat intelligence not only guides your technical protection measures, but also helps you shore up your largest attack surface: your people.

Join us for our 45-minute webinar, the second in a two-part series. We will be joined by special guest speaker, Andrew Munson, Information Technology Risk Manager from McDonald's Corporation. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Key deliverables to look for in a threat intelligence service  
  • Practical examples of how threat intelligence can inform security awareness training efforts
  • Real-world examples of how organizations benefitted from taking a people-centric approach to threat intelligence
  • The importance of having resources to execute on threat-driven training initiatives

This is part two of a two-part series, Optimizing Threat and Information Protection with Premium Services.

Featured Speaker

Andrew Munson

Information Technology Risk Manager at McDonald's Corporation

Andrew Munson is a Senior Manager of Information Risk Management and Governance for the McDonald’s Corporation. Andrew is responsible for managing the security training and awareness capabilities throughout the McDonald’s system and for delivering key projects that enable the organization he serves to cost-effectively achieve and maintain an acceptable level of risk. At McDonald’s, Andrew brings a human-centric approach to security training with the goal to (1) raise awareness, (2) influence behavior, and (3) create a culture of security throughout the McDonald’s system. Additional areas of expertise include risk assessment, identity management, and IT architecture. With 24 years of experience in information technology, Andrew Munson joined McDonald’s in 2020 from the financial services industry where he served as a solution architect and third-party risk manager. Andrew has traveled all over the United States touring data centers and auditing the security posture of leading companies across the country. A student of internet history, Andrew received his bachelor’s degree from Carthage College, where he studied mathematics, computers science, and secondary education.