Zero Trust Network Access: The People-Centric Alternative to VPN

The network perimeter is dissolving, and applications are migrating to the cloud. The number of users working remotely has grown exponentially over the last decade and to keep up, enterprises need people-centric solutions to protect users and data both on and off-premise.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we will take a look at how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) replaces traditional remote access VPNs, which did a great job 20 years ago, but no longer meet the secure remote access needs of today’s enterprise. In today’s work environment, people are becoming the new perimeter, and Zero Trust VPN alternatives are needed for protecting them and the data they access is the new imperative.

In this webinar, you will learn how ZTNA solutions:

  • Microsegment network access and reduce the attack surface
  • Simplify management across all data centers and clouds
  • Deliver superior end-user experience around the world
  • Drive cloud-scale efficiency and agility with a ZTNA

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