Getting Started with CASB

Download this eBook to learn how to gain greater visibility and control over your people, apps, and data in the cloud<br /><br />

Migrating to the cloud can make your business more agile, flexible, and efficient—but it can be risky. How do you secure data shared across cloud apps, protect your organization from cloud account compromise, and stay compliant? This eBook provides detailed guidance on what to look for in a comprehensive cloud access security broker (CASB) solution and why you need one.

You’ll learn how the right CASB:

  • Addresses key cloud security concerns
  • Defends against people-centric threats in the cloud
  • Monitors and governs how your people share data in the cloud
  • Regulates cloud app usage
  • Helps you stay compliant

Cloud security begins with protecting IT-approved core apps—Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, and others—that house your most valuable data. This eBook shows you how a CASB solution that takes a people-centered approach can safeguard you from account compromise, oversharing of data, and compliance risks in the cloud.