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Responsible Reporting


At Proofpoint our top priority is protecting the way people work today. We value the security research community and encourage responsible reporting of potential security vulnerabilities. Our security team is dedicated to working with you to validate and respond to legitimate reports. If you believe you've identified a potential security vulnerability, please email your discovery to

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Contacting Security

How to Report Security Issues

If you are interested in testing Proofpoint Products or believe you have found a vulnerability in Proofpoint Products, we encourage you to review the Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to understand our testing and reporting guidelines.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy



Proofpoint appreciates every security researcher who submits a vulnerability report which helps us improve our security and that of our customers. We maintain a Hall of Fame to recognize contributors for working with our Security team to resolve these vulnerabilities. If you have reported a vulnerability in the past but do not see your name listed in our Hall of Fame, please reach out to us at

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