Hall of Fame


Proofpoint appreciates every security researcher who submits a vulnerability report which helps us improve our security and that of our customers. We maintain a Hall of Fame to recognize contributors for working with our Security team to resolve these vulnerabilities. If you have reported a vulnerability in the past but do not see your name listed below, please reach out to us at security@proofpoint.com.

The individuals and organizations listed in our Hall of Fame have given us permission to publicly acknowledge their efforts.

Ketankumar B. Godhani

Henri Salo

Eusebiu Blindu


Borja Berastegui

David Krause

Pal Patel

Hanson Nottingham

Guifre Ruiz

Edward Farrell

Raul Jimenez, Cory Thompson,
Peter Yu

Ismail Tasdelen

Vineet Kumar

Garrett White

Oumeir Saifedeen

Pethuraj M

Ryan Silver

Hamed Izadi

Pradipta Das


Johnny Yu

Vismit Sudhir Rakhecha

Yunus Yildirim

Anurag Muley

Bindiya Sardhara

Branden R. Williams

Gaurav Ghule

Gourab Sadhukhan

Hammad Saleem

Michael Berryhill

Mohammad Hosein Askari

Pritam Mukherjee

Siddhesh Sonje

Virendra Tiwari


Alexandro Calo

Bradley Shubin

Chi Tran

Faizan Ahmad

Foysal Ahmed Fahim

Laura Reuvers

Muhammad Hassam Arif

Oracle GIS and
Oracle Cloud Red Teams

Ruslan Sayfiev

Tanuj Jane


Todd Beebe

Saurabh Shinde

Delta Air Lines Cyber Monitoring and Incident Response Team