Enhancements to Proofpoint Federal Solutions: A New AI/ML Detection Engine, Updates to the TAP Dashboard and More 

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Proofpoint has made more investments in our Aegis threat protection platform this year that can help support our federal agency customers and partners in their missions. This blog provides an overview of some of these recent innovations and enhancements. 

Supernova Behavioral Engine  

In October we started rolling out the Supernova Behavioral Engine to Proofpoint FedRAMP Email Protection environments. Supernova is an industry-leading detection stack that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to stop threats in real time.  

Not only does Supernova stop spam, but it also protects against threats that don’t rely on malware, like business email compromise (BEC), supplier fraud and telephone-oriented attack delivery (TOAD) attacks. It also detects malware-based threats, like ransomware. And it scans for phishing messages pre-delivery so that they’re never delivered to users. 

The new Supernova Behavioral Engine analysis from Proofpoint

The Supernova Behavioral Engine uses language, relationships, cadence and context to detect anomalies and prevent threats in real time using AI/ML. 

With this recent release, Supernova is now available to all Proofpoint email security customers around the world. It is a free detection stack upgrade that is integrated into our broader platform. You can learn more about the Supernova Behavioral Engine here.  

Other Proofpoint investments that benefit federal customers 

Supernova is not the only new rollout. These are some additional product enhancements that support the federal government community and its missions:  

Proofpoint solutions for the federal government 

There are hundreds of federal customers that use dozens of on-premises and cloud solutions from Proofpoint. These are just a few: 

  • U.S. Department of Defense  
  • The defense industrial base 
  • The intelligence community 
  • Federal civilian agencies 
  • Federal system integrators  

Proofpoint has earned the FedRAMP Moderate certification across these four cloud-based solutions:  

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Federal agency missions are under constant attack. And agencies are faced with a daunting task: They must implement measures that protect vital data yet still enable their employees to carry out their missions. Proofpoint can help. 

For more details on how Proofpoint helps protect federal government agencies, see this solution brief. You can find out more about our government solutions here