Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

ET Intelligence

Actionable threat intelligence with global context, to identify the source and type of malicious activity on hundreds of thousands of malicious IP addresses and domains. Updated hourly.

ET Pro Ruleset

A timely and accurate rule set for detecting and blocking advanced threats using your existing network security appliances.

Open Source Community

Consisting of more than 200,000 active users experts detecting and preventing malware attacks sharing free IDS rulesets on a daily basis.

Daily Ruleset Summary

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Proofpoint ET Intelligence

The industry’s most timely and accurate source of threat intelligence.

Proofpoint ET Intelligence™ gives security professionals the intelligence to proactively stop malicious attacks and provide the context needed to investigate them by providing actionable, up to the minute, global IP and domain reputation feeds with a database of globally observed threats and malware analysis.

The dedicated threat researchers and analytics systems at Proofpoint ET Labs, direct observe vulnerabilities used by exploit kits, and identifying the malware across aspects of the attacker infrastructure, such as command and control servers, landing pages, redirectors, and drive-by sources. The result is 100% originally sourced threat intelligence on IP addresses, domains, malware samples and exploit kits. Built upon a proprietary process that leverages one of the world’s largest active malware exchanges, victim emulation at massive scale, original detection technology and a global sensor network.

ET Intelligence will enable you to adopt a proactive security posture and increase the ROI of your existing security infrastructure by using continuously updated intelligence to block attacks and campaigns before they reach your organization. Accelerate incident investigation with global threat context that will enrich existing log data with global perspective on suspect IP addresses and domains. Enforce custom security policies based on reputation categories and score thresholds that matter to your organization. Improve fidelity and reduce false positives from existing intrusion detection / prevention systems and next generation firewalls.

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