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Can you see what your brand
is doing on social media?

Find and fix brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of your social media success.

It's your brand. But it's not your infrastructure.

You don't control or operate the social media networks. That's why visibility into what your brand is doing on social networks is so difficult—and critical to your success.

Social media accounts are easy to set up and rarely policed. Cyber criminals are flocking to this new channel to steal customer data, damage your brand, manipulate markets, and commit fraud.

Proofpoint Social Media Protection stops account takeovers, malicious content, compliance violations, and other risks.

Prevent Account Takeovers

A password is typically all that stands between a hacker and your brand’s page, profile, and fans. 

Social Patrol scans your social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to identify unapproved account changes, malicious content, and unapproved publishing applications.

Our patented ProfileLock™ technology takes a snapshot of approved account profile settings and then constantly monitors the account for any unauthorized change. If someone tries to take over the account, you can lock down the account to prevent the hijacker from publishing any damaging content.

Find fake accounts. Track and manage the real ones.

Fake accounts are among the most common enterprise social media security challenges. Attackers create fraudulent accounts that masquerade as your brand or employee to sell bogus product, distribute malware, spread false information, steal account credentials, or embarrass your brand.

At the same time, well-intentioned employees, partners, fans and followers create pages on Facebook, profiles on Twitter, accounts on Instagram, groups on Google+, and channels on YouTube. You may have hundreds of social media accounts that you can't see, let alone manage.

Social Discover finds accounts that use your brand—authorized or not. With just a few clicks, instantly see how many branded accounts are in each social network, and persistently scan for any new accounts for an always up-to-date inventory.

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You invest a lot to engage your brand in social media, but malicious content constantly undermines your efforts. Profanity, hate speech, bullying, and pornographic content undermine your efforts to create a safe and secure community. Attackers use social spam to post malware links, and even well-intentioned employees sometimes post inappropriate content.

Social Patrol content filtering automatically removes malware, spam, phishing, pornography, profanity, abuse, hate, and other dangerous content from social media accounts. It delivers scalable content moderation that makes social media safer and more engaging for your brand and community.

Help your brand advocates
avoid embarrassing mistakes

Marketing teams are increasingly looking to social media savvy employees to promote the brand. But mixing personal and professional social communications creates risks for the brand. Without security checks in place, your brand is at risk.

Social Sight brings enterprise-class security to employee social media programs while maintaining 100% employee privacy and control of their accounts. It helps employees avoid embarrassing mistakes, protects against hacks, and secures collaboration between peers.

40% of Facebook accounts and 20% of Twitter accounts claiming to represent a Fortune 100 brand are unauthorized.

— Proofpoint research

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Anatomy of a Fake Social Media Account

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Social Media Brand Fraud Report

Learn about the current state of social media fraud, and ways you can protect your social presence. 


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