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Simulated Phishing Attacks and Knowledge Assessments

Evaluate your users’ susceptibility to phishing attacks and knowledge of cybersecurity best practices.


Understanding your users’ vulnerabilities is essential to deliver personalised security awareness training and identify broader cybersecurity risks for your organisation. Our ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations help you assess users’ phishing awareness and their susceptibility to real-world threats. CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments help you gauge their understanding of critical cybersecurity topics.

ThreatSim Features and Benefits

Real-World Phishing Templates

ThreatSim® tests your organisation’s susceptibility to a variety of phishing and spear-phishing attacks. Unlike other phishing simulation tools, we provide Dynamic Threat Simulation phishing templates based on current lures spotted “in the wild” by Proofpoint’s industry-leading threat intelligence.

With 700+ different phishing templates across 35+ languages and 13 categories—and more added each month—you can evaluate users on multiple threat types, including:

  • Malicious attachments
  • Embedded links
  • Requests for personal data
Proofpoint Phishing Simulation Templates
Gezieltes Phishing Awareness Training für Ihre Anwender

Targeted Phishing Awareness Training

ThreatSim® gives you the tools to create and administer customised phishing awareness campaigns that are appropriate for your organisation. And with our Auto-Enrollment feature, it’s easy to assign relevant, timely interactive training to users who fall for a simulated phish—delivering the right training to the right people at the right time.

Users who fall for a simulated phishing attack also receive practical “just-in-time” teaching. Our Teachable Moments explain the purpose of the exercise, the dangers of real-world attacks, and how to avoid future traps.

Key ThreatSim Features

System Click Exclusion 

Distinguishes actual users’ clicks from those made by email protection tools, ensuring accuracy.

Dynamic Threat Simulation 

Use real-world phishing templates based on current lures spotted by Proofpoint threat intelligence.


Automatically deliver targeted phishing training to your most vulnerable users, maximising efficiency.

ThreatSim Smishing Simulations

Gauge your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with SMS/text phishing (smishing) by sending customisable text messages directly to their mobile phones.

ThreatSim USB Simulations 

Introduce employees to the concept of infected removable memory devices, using mock USB drops to test their vulnerability to this dangerous threat vector. Now self-service so you can run unlimited USB simulations at any time and in any quantity.

CyberStrength Features and Benefits

Assess Users’ Security Awareness

Phishing is just one of the cyber threats your organisation faces. CyberStrength® is a powerful end-to-end knowledge assessment tool for identifying potential vulnerabilities—from an organisational level down to the individual. Choose from our library of 230+ questions across a broad range of critical cybersecurity topics; you can also create custom questions to gauge understanding of your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Phishing Test Question Library
Example of a Phishing Test Question

Drive Continuous Improvement

After using CyberStrength to establish a baseline measurement of your employees’ understanding, periodic reassessments allow you to track progress and target areas of concern. By combining these data-driven insights with our unique continuous improvement approach to security awareness, you can further refine your cybersecurity awareness and education plan, deliver personalised training, and reduce end-user risk.

Key CyberStrength Features

Growing Library of 230+ Questions

Choose from our continuously updated library of questions, designed to align with our interactive training.

Custom Questions and Assessments

Evaluate users’ understanding of policies and specific topics relevant to your organisation.

12 Predefined Assessments 

Streamline administrative tasks with preset questions and Auto-Enroll users in follow-up training.

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We selected Wombat because they offer a comprehensive cybersecurity preparedness platform. Wombat’s Platform enables us to assess internal risk and target training to employees who need it most, thereby strengthening our security profile. We value the opportunity to collaborate with Wombat as the company continues to expand its suite of cybersecurity training modules.
Manager of IT Security and Risk Management
Phishing simulation templates are very current and easy to customise to be realistic to our environment and situations.
Systems Administrator
Wombat was very receptive and open to working with our organisation, we were initially given a brief introduction on the solution which gave us further insight on implementing our security awareness program. We have been able to assess our security posture with help from Wombat and have adopted the Wombat continuous training methodology. The integration process was seamless. ThreatSim is also a very great feature.
Service Center Specialist