Social Discover

Find fraudulent social media accounts associated with your brand with automated account search
and content auditing across all the leading networks.


Our patent-pending technology finds both corporate-owned and unauthorized social media accounts associated with your brand. Categorize each account, audit content for risks, and persistently monitor social networks for new or fraudulent accounts.

Features and Benefits

Persistent Social Account Search

Social Discover scans the social web to find accounts affiliated with your brand. With just a few clicks, you can see how many branded accounts exist on each social network. Social Discover continuously scans for any new accounts based on your saved search parameters, so you’ll know right away when someone attempts to impersonate your brand for unauthorized or fraudulent use. Then you can act immediately to protect your brand. With Social Discover, you can:

  • Automate discovery of your brand’s accounts
  • Search accounts by image to find brand misuse
  • Persistently scan for fraudulent and brand protest accounts
  • Receive alerts for risky accounts that require takedown or legal review
  • Send automated alerts to other stakeholders (such as legal or HR) when risky accounts are detected

Automate Your Social Media Compliance Auditing

With Proofpoint Social Discover, you can quickly find the accounts associated with your company or brand. 

Social Surface Area Mapping

Social Discover lets you easily categorize every account you discover. Use our built-in categories (corporate, product, competitor, fraudulent, and more) or create your own labels. Once you’ve categorized accounts, you can visualize and manage your social media surface area by category. With Social Discover, you can:

  • Deliver reports and alerts to relevant stakeholders based on account category groupings.
  • Tag suspicious, fraudulent, and protest accounts
  • Visualize your social surface area using auto-generated charts and graphs
Cyber Security Professional Using Cell Phone

"Capita has hundreds of branded social media accounts. Proofpoint…has helped me simplify tracking legitimate accounts while finding and handling risky accounts." 
—​ Marghaid Howie, Content & Social Media Manager, Capita’s Workplace Services Division

Content and App Auditing

Social Discover scans accounts to discover possible security or compliance risks that pose a threat to your organization. When you request a scan, the tool audits the content on the account using more than 100 algorithmic classifiers to categorize and report incidents. Social Discover also identifies apps used to publish content to the account so you can assess your application risk.

Request A Social Media Risk Assessment

We offer qualified organizations a free demo and personalized assessment of their brand's risk level on social media.

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