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Attacker View™ Upgrades the Cybersecurity Solution Industry

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Even with a multitude of hardware and software cybersecurity solutions guarding the perimeter of corporate networks, attackers are finding their way into the heart of your servers and networks at a record pace – with the average time to detect a data breach eclipsing six months.

While IT professionals have had network mapping software at their disposal for years, these solutions have failed to bridge the gap between what attackers see and what security teams monitor, it’s clear that a critical cybersecurity challenge is network visibility.

The release of illusive 3.0 with Attacker View™ arms security teams with breakthrough technology to level the cybersecurity solutions playing field with never-before-seen views of attack paths, enabling IT security professionals to stop advanced attackers before they infiltrate your network.


Open Your Eyes to a World of Hidden Cyber Attack Paths

Existing network mapping software can give you a high-level view of hardware schematics—but without deeper intelligence, these schematics fail to provide any actionable advantage over cyber attackers.

Attacker View™ shows the attack vectors found on each machine on your network, and illustrates how easily advanced attackers navigate the network to reach your most critical assets. It illuminates the connections, accessibility, paths, privilege escalation options, and unseen attack vectors that are used by cyber attackers.

Think of it this way. For hundreds of years, explorers noted the intricate “trail markers” in Peru’s Nazca Desert.

The discoveries seemed unimportant between the 1550s and early 1900s because the explorers and researchers could only see a small piece of a much larger picture. Your current network mapping capabilities resemble the misinterpretation of the Nazca Lines.

When technology advanced and researchers could get an aerial view from hundreds and then thousands of feet above the Nazca Lines, it became clear that these weren’t trail markers—they were ancient geoglyphs (stylized depictions of animals) spanning nearly 50 miles.

With Attacker View™, network visualizations are revolutionized to give cybersecurity professionals the epiphanies that researches enjoyed with the Nazca Lines. The sophisticated breakthrough technology provides data regarding exploitable attack paths that were previously known only to cyber attackers. No other software gathers and visualizes this view of the network’s hidden attack vectors.


Customer Examples: What Does Attacker View™ Reveal?

Without detailed insights from Attacker View™, you might never uncover easily-exploitable attack paths throughout your network such as:

  • One company discovered highly privileged Domain Administrator accounts in the cache memory on multiple workstations on its network. These accounts contained master privileges for the entire network. An attacker gaining access to any of these workstations would have access to the entire network.

  • Another enterprise maintained two separate networks—a public network serving its customers and a private network serving its employees. Attacker View™ found multiple workstations connecting to both networks even though they were physically separate. An attacker that moved from the customer/public network onto one of these workstations could move into the private/employee network continuing to reach the critical assets. These had been part of an old testing project that had not been fully decommissioned and Attacker View™ surfaced these liabilities.

  • An organization with centralized data storage containing its most critical documents accidentally published a share name to most of the network workstations. An attacker laterally moving onto any of these workstations would have found the share name and could then easily reach the critical central storage and the critical information. The Attacker View™ visualized this major security risk so that IT could make changes.

These are a few of the paths attackers can take to move laterally throughout your network until they reach their goal. While this information is invaluable on its own, it can also be used to tailor cybersecurity solutions to specific company needs.


Customizing Proactive Cybersecurity with illusive networks

Gartner has recognized what we’ve known for quite some time—that deception technology is a proactive and efficient way to detect and stop an attacker’s advancement after he has bypassed perimeter defenses.

Our Deceptions Everywhere® approach blankets the entire network with misleading network information to disorient and waylay attackers. Attacker View™ provides visibility before and after the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture has been deployed, showing you exactly what attackers will see during their lateral movement infiltration attempts.

With this information, you can see where illusive networks’® deceptions would work best and which servers are most vulnerable and need extra protection.

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