3 New Security Awareness Videos Explain Cloud Security, BEC, and More

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In order to help end users learn new cybersecurity skills—and remember what they’ve learned—it’s critical that security best practices become a regular focus. Our broad portfolio of security awareness training materials help organizations do just that, allowing program administrators to introduce new topics and reinforce key messages via an assortment of videos, posters, images, and more.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added three new videos to our library of awareness materials. These practical, straightforward videos are designed to raise end-user recognition of cloud security practices; email fraud attacks, also known as business email compromise (BEC); and the importance of cybersecurity education initiatives.

Awareness Video #1: Is the Cloud Secure?

Awareness video, is the cloud secure?

This video creates awareness about why and how bad actors steal credentials for cloud accounts and the ways employees can protect company data as they access and use these applications. This video also explains how end users can protect their cloud credentials.

Awareness Video #2: What Is Email Fraud?

Awareness video, what is email fraud?

After watching this video, end users will be aware of email fraud/BEC tactics and tips for recognizing and avoiding these types of attacks, which can be so costly to organizations. 

Awareness Video #3: Why Security Awareness Training Is Important

Awareness video, why is your security awareness important?

This video is designed to inform end users about phishing threats; the economic costs of phishing; and why they—that is, end users—are critical to preventing successful attacks. Ultimately, employees will be left with an understanding of why they need to engage in their organization’s security awareness training program.

Taking a People-Centric Approach to Security Awareness Training

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