New Customization Center Gives Organizations More Control of Training Content

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We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature that will enable our customers to deliver security awareness training that more effectively meets unique organizational goals. The self-service Customization Center in the Proofpoint Security Education Platform gives program administrators access to a number of on-demand features, including the ability to remove content and change the passing score for each training module.

These new features expand the existing set of training customizations available in our platform, including the ability to dynamically adapt portions of our Password Protection training to match administrator-defined password creation and management parameters.

With the Customization Center, organizations have additional opportunities to easily customize training content, ensuring that security education programs are as relevant as possible to end users and drive behavior change.

Key Features of the Customization Center

  • Self-service customization for no additional charge – Program administrators can readily adjust content; there’s no need to wait for others to complete the work. This “quick turn” provides the greatest flexibility in personalizing content for your organization.
  • An industry-first Learning Science Evaluator – The Customization Center features built-in guidance that is triggered when training content is altered. This helps administrators ensure that adjusted modules still adhere to Learning Science Principles and our training best practices, which are critical to knowledge retention and behavior change. (See more details below.)
  • The ability to remove lesson content – Administrators can hide module lessons and associated challenge questions that do not match organizational policies. Content can be removed from all translated/localized modules as well, not just from English modules.
  • The option to change passing scores – Administrators can change the passing score for each training module to better align with cybersecurity knowledge levels and program maturity. 

The Importance of the Learning Science Evaluator

Many independent studies have reinforced the effectiveness of key Learning Science Principles, and we apply those principles in all the training modules we develop. We also design our security education tools to reflect the best practices we’ve learned in our more than ten years of content research and development. As such, it’s important for us to ensure that our customers have visibility into the types of changes that could negatively impact the overall effectiveness of their customized training.

Our industry-first Learning Science Evaluator is designed to alert administrators when their adjustments conflict with Learning Science Principles and, as such, influence the quality of the training they deliver. This feature helps to maintain the following:

  • The ability to reinforce lessons and measure results – If an administrator disables a quiz, he or she will see a warning that this breaks a best practice and that all lessons should have a challenge to reinforce the key objectives.
  • The effectiveness of educational content – If an administrator disables lesson content that has quiz questions associated with it, the questions will also be disabled to ensure end users are not quizzed about topics they weren’t educated about.
  • The random nature of quiz questions – Our training modules are structured to ensure users aren’t able to memorize a quiz. If an administrator disables enough questions or raises the passing threshold too high, the module’s question pool could become too small, increasing the likelihood that users will see the same quiz if they take it more than once. 

The Future of the Customization Center

This initial version of our Customization Center is simply the first glimpse into the adaptations that will be possible within the Proofpoint Security Education Platform. Future enhancements (expected later this year) will include the ability to edit and add specific text within training modules. We will also expand the Learning Science Evaluator to ensure that customized text complies with Learning Science Principles and Proofpoint best practices for security awareness training.

For a firsthand look at our Security Education Platform and the capabilities of the Customization Center, request a demo.