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Wisdom 2020: Accelerating Security Awareness Innovation

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After we kicked off Wisdom, an exclusive virtual event for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training customers, we were able to announce some exciting new innovations and firsts for this space. As a six-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, we’re always raising the bar for the industry and driving better results for our customers.

Improved Threat Intelligence Insight and Content

Understanding who is clicking on simulated phishing attacks is a great way to identify risk, but what about the risk already in your environment from users clicking real phishing emails and being targeted by attackers?

Coming soon to our product, customers utilizing Proofpoint’s advanced email security solution can identify people-centric risk and automatically import “Very Attacked People” and “Top Clickers” into the Security Awareness platform to assign relevant training. This process not only uncovers risk already prevalent but allows administrators to be more focused on addressing their user risk

Proofpoint offers a wide variety of content, including our recently-acquired The Defence Works training content, in addition to our partnership with TeachPrivacy for privacy and compliance training. We continue to deliver threat intelligence-driven education in the form of real-world phishing templates, our Attack Spotlight series shown above, and our new Threat Alerts.

Threat Alerts are quick, customizable communications you can send to users to let them know about the latest threats our team is seeing attackers leverage. Helping keep your users ahead of the latest tactics of attackers.

Enhanced User Message Reporting and Analysis

Our customers and users love the PhishAlarm email reporting button, and how user-reported messages are scored with Proofpoint threat intelligence and dedicated sandboxing to let them know if it’s malicious. 

Soon, Proofpoint customers utilizing Proofpoint’s advanced email security solution can allow their users to more easily report on any device with in-line Email Warning Tag banners including PhishAlarm “Report Phish” functionality. These new email warning tags will prompt the user, when for instance:

  • The message is from outside their organization
  • They’ve never engaged with the sender before
  • The sender may be an imposter message
  • The URL may be impersonating another domain

These prompts help guide the user to improve their likelihood of reporting suspicious messages regardless of their device. How they’re built means administrators don’t have to go through the process of installing or managing email add-ins on different devices and applications, saving IT overhead.

Advanced Customization and New Reporting

Security awareness training is about making the message resonate with your unique security culture. When we launched the Customization Center, the response from customers was overwhelming. Thousands of customers have made customized training modules quickly and easily by editing module text, questions, and images, while the Learning Science Evaluator ensures the training remains impactful for users.

We continue to innovate in this space and make this tool more powerful. Some recent enhancements include:

  • Move pages within a lesson to ensure content is presented to users in an order that works best for them
  • Switch from an awareness module (no questions) to a training module and vice versa with one click
  • Clone pages and questions to make it easier to build new content
  • Advanced editor features like adding dynamic dates, editing feedback text to users, and adjusting font size